5 easy and chic ways to beautify your bedroom

beautify your bedroom

A bedroom is where you probably spend most of your time. It is your comfort zone, where you can relax, forget your stress and feel most at ease. But a bedroom is also the most intimate part of your house and hence, reflects your personality and style the most. You can’t just put stuff around in your bedroom. Everything needs to have a flow and purpose behind it. You need to put some thought behind the interiors when you beautify your bedroom.

We’ve done a lot of research, read a whole lot of decor tips and curated this list of easy, practical and chic ways to decorate your bedroom. What kind of furniture and decor pieces will make it look complete, what type of fabrics will make it look put together, etc? That is why we’ve listed 10 things you need in a bedroom and how to incorporate them in your decor!

Beautify your bedroom with these 9 easy ways –

Your Bed

This is the most obvious thing in your bedroom. And, also the most used. Your bed needs to be the right size, with a comfortable mattress on the top. Put on a bed skirt to make the bed look pretty and the underneath area hidden. A rule of thumb for styling your bed with pillows is 2-bed pillows, plus 1 big decorative pillow.

For the , always opt for something that feels soft and comfortable. If it’s too hard and/or sticky, you won’t be able to sit or sleep comfortably. Choose colors that you love. Keep the base pastel and throw in some color with the decoration or go the opposite way. Repeat the accent color throughout the room a couple of times to make the space look put together.

The bedside table

When choosing side tables for your bed, keep four things in mind – they match each other, how well do they go with your bed, their size (width and height) and storage they offer. Bedside tables come pretty handily because that’s where most of your stuff will get dumped all the time, so make sure you buy ones that you love and find useful.

Decorate those with a sleek reading lamp, a candle with a soothing fragrance, a few decor accents, a dish for your earrings and jewelry and a book. If your bedside table has storage, use it to stash away your things and keep the top empty for a neater look. You can then use the empty top to put a few decorative things!

The dresser

Another important furniture piece for your bedroom is your dresser. While it could match your bed and side tables or be a contrast, it is where you can add a little decor as well as use it for a lot of storage. Put a , and add some trays for your makeup and jewelry.

As we said, a dresser not only elevates the look of your room but also solves a lot of storage issues. Add some nice pieces to the top like some family photos, a few interesting books and magazines that look good, candles and a lamp to make it a part of the room decor.

Your Bedroom Walls

Personalize your bedroom! Make it feel like it’s yours. Imagine coming home to a room that has beautiful memories hanging around on the walls in the form of beautiful photographs, your favorite quote that motivates you, decorate the memento and collectibles you’ve acquired over the years on floating shelves on your bedroom walls!

One trick to keep in mind is to not overdo anything. Club together things that look good based on a theme or size or color and hang them on the wall. But make sure you don’t add too much that it starts looking busy.


Lighting in your bedroom needs to be paid attention to. Not just to beautify your bedroom but also for practicality! They need to be bright enough for you to be able to see/read but soft at the same time so that you don’t get a headache. Try installing that can change color according to your needs. For the light fixtures, invest in pieces that are classy, elegant and go with the rest of your furniture.

Get fixtures and lamps that go with the decor of your room, provide a nice contrast to your walls, fit into the space you have and yet are bright enough to be used day and night.


Beautify your bedroom with things you love but go overboard otherwise it may begin to look cluttered. Mix and match your decor to keep things interesting. Add one or more live (indoor) plants to add some life to your bedroom. Make your bedroom look and feel like your own, make it comfortable, make it a place you’ll love coming back to!

The way you decorate your bedroom should serve two purposes – it should make your bedroom look good but it should also be functional. For eg. your dresser works as a storage unit, the lighting needs to be bright, the seating needs to be comfortable and so on.

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5 easy and chic ways to beautify your bedroom

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