6 easy ways to add color to your rental apartment

Add color to your rental apartment
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So you’ve finally settled down in your rental apartment and all set to decorate it? You go through your rental agreement and realize you cannot do much? No painting the walls, no putting nails in the wall, or do practically anything else! With all these limitations, it is tough to put your own stamp on your rental apartment and really make it your own. However, you can still add color to your rental apartment and give it some life.

And, we aren’t even talking about touching the walls or picking up the paintbrush at all! The idea is not just to add color to your rental but also to be able to switch things up with changing seasons or even as your mood or the occasion changes. So let’s not wait any longer and dive in to know what these ideas are:

Cool ways to add color to your rental apartment –

Decorate with plants

use plants to add color to your rental

I have always said that houseplants and fresh flowers are the best way you can decorate any space. Not only do they add the much-needed color, but they also bring a space alive. You don’t need huge plants to decorate your living room. Live plants in small pots scattered around any space are a great way to add color to your rental apartment.

Roses that last forever

Le Jardin Infini Roses that last forever

If fresh flowers are not your thing (keeping flowers fresh for long is impossible) then, you can get preserved roses. These long-lasting roses by Le Jardin Infini are a great way to add a pop of color to your home without worrying about replacing them every few days. One box can last a year or longer. Great conversation starters, aren’t they. !

Stack colorful things together

Group colorful things together

Create a mix of colorful and monotone items to create a statement. My favorite is combining plants and books. That not only adds color but also some depth to the space you are looking to decorate. Another way is to add light is by placing table lamps with soft light and candles together to give the feeling of a zen zone.

Colorful throws and pillows

Colorful throw pillows

Another foolproof way to add color to your rental apartment is by using color throws, rugs, and pillows. This works really well when you are tight on space, especially in rooms that are smaller and difficult to decorate with multiple things. Colorful rugs with intricate patterns and large colorful throw pillows also make an area look bigger than it is.

Wall art

Hang cool wall art

When you can add color to a wall by painting it, hang a colorful wall art instead. Choose the wall that you want to create the focal point with and hang wall art on it. Keep in mind that the color scheme of your room, whether multiple or monotone, is complimented by this wall art. And, no, you don’t need to drill holes to do so. .

Wall mirror

Hang mirrors to create a statementAn easy way to draw attention to a room is by mirror grouping. Choose a few wall mirrors with colorful frames and varied sizes and hang them on the wall. Not only that, but they also make your room look bigger and more inviting. You could also hang a bigger mirror instead of grouping smaller ones. Mirrors will reflect light and other decor pieces in your room thereby adding drama to space.

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There you go. Don’t be afraid to add color to your rental. Use these ideas to make your rental apartment more colorful without making major repairs or changes. The best part is that you can take these with you if you change your apartment!

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