23 types of heels women should know

Different types of heels

Marilyn Monroe rightly said, “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.” Whether you believe in wearing high heels or not, you will agree that shoes can make or break your outfit. Wearing a nice pair of shoes on an otherwise simple attire can instantly lift the whole look. It’s equally important to be comfortable in the shoes you’re wearing. You don’t want to walk like a penguin, do you because of an uncomfortable pair? Hence, choosing the right shoes is important which becomes easier if you know the different types of heels available in the market for women.

Most of us know the most common heel types like block heels, stilettos, pencil heels, wedges, etc. However, when you enter a shoe shop, there are many other different types of heels that you may not know the name of. That’s why we thought of making it easier for you and jotted this list of different types of heels that’ll come handy whenever you go shoe-shopping next. Read along and see how many of these you knew and how many you own. Also, learn how to style each heel in the best possible manner!

Different types of heels you’d love to know about –


Pumps usually come with closed fronts and a top that exposes the top of your foot. The heels are about 3-4 inches high with the front of the shoe sitting low on the floor. Wear these with skinny jeans, work pants and formal or well-fitted pants!


Probably the sexiest and the most common type of heels, a pair of stilettos is something every girl should own! These are the highest of all heels and can take a bit of practice to walk in since the heels are usually really thin. Whenever in doubt wear stilettos!

Kitten Heels

If you are someone who loves heels but can’t take the pain caused by stilettos or pumps or high heels in general, kitten heels are for you. Usually, below 3 inches, these heels are neither too thin nor too thick. These are perfect for semi-formal or formal attire.

Ankle Straps

Just like the name suggests, these heels can be of any size but they always come with a strap around the ankle. The ankle strap provides added support to the feet. These go well with summer dresses and are perfect if you are trying to achieve the ‘girl-next-door’ look.


Lace-ups are the types of heels that are similar to ankle strap – providing a hold to the ankle. However, instead of a strap, they have lace/ribbons that need to be tied. The lace could be longer and could sit anywhere between your ankle or 5-7 inches above it and are perfect to go with short dresses.

Cone Heels

Just like the name, the heels here are shaped like an ice-cream cone! Cone heels can be as short or as high as you like where the end looks delicate. Style them with long skirts or straight fit trousers to make a statement.

Sling Back Heels

Sling-back heels have a sling at the back that just holds the end of the shoe to your toe. The good thing about these is that they don’t slip off especially if you are uncomfortable in high heels like stilettos. Wear them whenever you want to show off your ankles???

Cork High Heels

These heels are made of the cork material like the name suggests. The material makes the heels softer and more cushioned which makes it easier for you to walk in. If you want to give high heels a try but are scared of stilettos, this one’s for you.

Wedge Heels

Looking for high heels that are comfortable to walk in? Wedge heels are your answer! There is no separation between the heel to the sole and your weight is equally distributed throughout the base of the shoe. Style them with a summer dress like Kate Beckinsale.


High at the top of the shoe and then a high heel at the end is what makes a platform heel. A lot of people confuse them with wedges but the difference is a separation between the front of the shoe and the heel. These look sexy with well-fitted/bodycon dresses.

Peep Toes

Different types of heels can be peep toes that are categorized by the opening at the front of the shoe to shoe your toe a little. It’s the peeping of the toe from the shoe that gives these heels this name. Paint your nails to make sure that they look great through these.

Cut Out Heels

Not exactly sandals and not totally closed, these are all cut-out in design so that your toe is visible in some areas and hidden in some. These look incredibly dressy and sexy and you can flaunt them with your LBDs!

Corset Heels

Like you have a corset top, you can have corset heels too! Yes, the two sides of the shoe come together tight and close on your foot. The heel can be as high as you want! Team them up with tight denim or leather pants and see the magic!

Oxford Shoes

Why should men have all the fun? Oxfords take their inspiration from the men’s lace shoes with heels! The heels are broader at the top but can go any which way at the bottom. You can wear them with formal suits or Victorian-inspired dresses.


This 90s trend has made a huge comeback this year and why not. Mules are the comfiest heels there are according to us. The heels come right at the top of the shoe and can be high or low. Wear these with anything – they are so comfortable!

High Heeled Boots

You know what they are just by reading the name. Is there anything sexier than high boots with high heels? These high-heeled boots are perfect for those chilly winters when stilettos make your feet feel cold. Team them up with tight leggings or pants and a statement coat.

Ankle Boots/Booties

We love ankle boots! They are so versatile and perfect for spring, rain, and winters! They sit at your ankle and can have a chunky or medium-high heel. Whether you are a denim girl or a dress girl, they’ll be perfect for you.

Spool Heels

Remember how a spool of thread looks like? That’s how the spool heels look like too! The heel is broader at both ends, thinning in the middle. The shape of the heel helps create a better balance. These are perfect for office wear!

Espadrille Heels

What makes the espadrille heels special is the woven fiber base. The upper portion of the shoe can be fabric, leather, etc. but the lower is a plaited esparto rope. These are perfect for a picnic dress or a day out in the sun!

Block Heels

Thick like a block, the block heels are rectangular in shape. Thanks to their shape, take off the pressure from your feet, unlike the other thinner heels. These look really good with flared pants or boot-cut jeans.

Cuban Heels

Another shoe type that takes inspiration from men’s shoes – the Cuban heel. These heels are short and solid like block heels and that’s what makes them super comfortable and chic. They look great with casual pants.

Flared Heels

These heels draw inspiration from the bell-bottom or flared pants that were a craze in the 80s. They are like the block at the top and then flare out wider at the bottom which makes them pretty comfortable. These look good with pencil trousers.

So those are the different types of heels that there are for women. How many do you own????? Isn’t it amazing to know how many different types of shoes the women have, lol. But a girl can never have enough shoes, can she?

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different types of heels

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  1. Awesome blog on heels! Didn’t realise there are so many variations. I’m partial to stilettos, find platforms very uncomfortable and spool heels absolutely ugly!

  2. I LOVE heels! I had no idea they all had names, I just called them all heels for the most part, lol. I am loving a lot of these!

  3. I’ll take one of each of these kind lol! Seriously though, I think I am loving lace ups and block heels the most currently. So many of the types you shared are so classic too.

  4. I’ve been loving kitten heels lately. I used to have the philosophy of “go tall or go flat” but kitten heels can really make an outfit just perfect! xo, Brittany Nicole |

  5. Such a cool post! now I feel like more fashin-expert <3, I love the Lace-Ups, they look so nice with short dresses!

  6. I love love LOVE shoes! I love seeing the new styles come in, but my go to favorite is always a classy stiletto! But i have also come to love the corset heels and the cut out heels!! I loved the pics you used! xo – Kam

  7. Wow! I never really noticed all the different kind of heels before, but I am glad we women have much variety on what to wear! While I wouldn’t really wear really high heels. (My balance is such that I would probably trip over them very easily.), I would still wear many of the lower heeled shoes.

  8. So many different kinds of shoes! I always struggle with what to wear! I love your suggestions (and pictures) and will incorporate these tips! Thanks for sharing!


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