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Terms of use –

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Copyright Policy –
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Privacy Statement –

We do not require any personal information from you except for your email-id and your name when you choose to subscribe to the blog. Any written communication that you have with All She Things via email (contact@optool.cn) or through our contact us page will be kept personal (unless it contains any form of abuse – threatening, obscene, defamatory, racist, sexist, otherwise objectionable and offensive.) We will not send any unsolicited emails to your mailbox unless you subscribe to the website and give us the permission to send you occasional newsletters. You can opt out from receiving the emails from us at any time.

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Accuracy of information –

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Hold Harmless –

As we have stated earlier, we do not provide a warranty on the accuracy of the information shared. Everything that is published on the website is thought thoroughly researched, but in no way is providing any medical, psychological, physical, natural, organic, structural, personal, professional, philosophical advice. The reader/viewer is requested to not take any published content in that manner.

Opinionated Content –

As stated earlier, the content published on this website contains the author’s opinions and doesn’t reflect the opinions of any organizations the site may be affiliated with. All She Things cannot be held responsible for the actions of any of its advertisers or sponsors. In case, of any product malfunctioning or other issues that you face, All She Things cannot be held liable and you would need to contact the company you made the purchase from directly.

Affiliates –

Some posts on this website may contain advertisements, sponsorships or affiliate links. That simply means that without any additional cost to you, the website may earn a small commission from if you choose to click on the links and/or make a purchase.

Reviews –

As stated above, the reviews on the website are solely the author’s opinion and in no way force you to agree with them. We will try to give an honest and unbiased review of any product or service that we use and not withheld any information that may help you make a choice. However, you should remember that a good review in no way is forcing you to purchase the said goods and services. Similarly, a bad review is not to deter you from trying the product for yourself.

Sponsorships –

There will be sponsored posts on this website. This simply means that the author has been asked to use a product or a service and share their opinion on it. If a post is sponsored, it will be so mentioned in the post itself.

Acknowledgment –

By using this site, the User acknowledges that he/she will take responsibility for his/her actions and under no circumstances will hold All She Things responsible for any damage resulting to user or anyone else from use of this site. Any user unwilling to accept these is forewarned that they MAY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE use this site and will exit this site, never to return.