8 easy DIY planters you need to make right now

12 easy DIY planters you need to make right now

My love for plants is well known! I own over 50 plants and I look forward to turning my home into an urban jungle (fingers crossed!) A lot of my plants are actually in DIY planters and I feel any DIY decor adds a personality to your space. In today’s post, I am going to talk about some easy DIY planters you can make out of old kitchen items! These are perfect to add charm and personality to your home!

Planters play an important role in how your plants add value to your decor. Depending on the theme of your home decor, you can choose planters in different shapes and sizes to elevate the look of your space and your plants. However, if you prefer DIY projects as I do, read on as I share some very easy DIY planters that you can make from your kitchen cast outs!

Easy DIY planters using items from your kitchen –

A cute coffee mug

Coffee Mug planter

Have coffee mugs that you don’t use anymore? Turn them into DIY planters. Cute mug planters look awfully adorable on work desks, coffee tables, or a bookrack and work perfectly for smaller plants like succulents.

Coffee maker

DIY Coffee Maker Planter

The other day I banged my against my kitchen counter. It didn’t break but got a number of cracks making it useless for coffee. I decided not to throw it away and converted it into a planter instead!

Soup Bowl Planter

Soup bowl DIY planter

Have soup bowl(s) that you just don’t get around to using any longer? Either because it’s the only one left from the set or that soup just doesn’t taste right in it (that happens!) then turn it into a planter for your cacti!

Tea Pot Planter

Tea pot DIY planters

I have a thing for cute teapots – ceramic, steel, glass. And, they look even cuter as DIY planters. If you have a kettle that’s the right size for any of your plant babies, go for it! Put it outside or place one indoors as a centerpiece for your coffee table!

Large Bowl Planter

Have a deep dish you really don’t like to use in the kitchen but don’t want to throw away either? Turn it into a DIY planter for your little plant babies! A terrarium is perfect for bowls that are bigger in width. Even kitchen greens do well in bowl-shaped planters!

Water jug planter

Water jug planter

I love the fact that water jugs can be used as flower vases as well as DIY planters! Depending upon their sizes and depth, convert a water jug into a planter for your taller plants like Song of India or Dracaena!

Milk Pot Planter

Had a nice tea set and now all that’s left is an unused milk pot? Turn it into a plant home! Just like teapots, milk pots make for cute DIY plant pots. If you have a white ceramic pot, you can take it a step further by painting and adding your own design to it!

Can planter

Bought a can of tomatoes, garbanzo beans, or red beans? Don’t throw it away yet! Customize them with cute designs and turn them into plant pots. You could either use cans with a nursery pot inside or drill holes at the bottom of the can and use it directly as a pot.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when making DIY planters for your plant babies:

  1. All materials are different. Understand your plant’s needs, the root system, watering, etc. before planting it in any pot. Try to learn how different materials would affect the plant and then only pot it.
  2. Check for repotting schedules. If you are using a glass pot, you wouldn’t want your plant to become severely root-bound.
  3. Always make it a point to properly wash any pot with soap and water before you plant anything in it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and are able to find tones of unused things in your kitchen that can be turned into DIY planters. Happy creating DIY projects!

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