10 gorgeous planters you need to beautify your home right now

gorgeous planters to up your home decor

I have always been very fond of plants. I consider them the best way to add life to your home decor. And, one thing that really ups the ‘decorating with plants’ game is having gorgeous planters! Whether it is your home office, your living room, or your bedroom,

While plants do elevate the look of any space, planters also play a crucial role in really bringing everything together. I have listed some gorgeous planters from Amazon that will up your home decor game in no time. And, I will soon list some beautiful plants you can bring indoors to get your home spring-ready – plants that you can keep even if you have a black thumb!

10 gorgeous planters from Amazon you need to invest in right now –

Polka and Diamond Ceramic Pots

Use these pots to plant succulents and place them on accent tables to add a boho-chic vibe to your space. Add a few candles and highlight the nearby wall with a to complete the look.

Rock Grey Planters

These lightweight planters look like cement planters but are actually made of recyclable plastic. These will definitely go well with an industrial design decor with exposed ceilings and pendant lighting.

Ceramic Pot with Wooden Stand

Add a touch of trad-mo (combination of traditional and modern) elegance to your space with this ceramic planter that comes with its own wooden stand. Use a few to group your favorite plants or use alone to add dimension to an empty space.

Llama Planter

Plant succulents in this cute llama-alpaca planter pair and place them on your work table, dresser, or accent table to add a bit of quirkiness to the decor. You can even place them on floating wall shelves!

Accented black and white planters

Looking to incorporate contemporary yet stylish pieces into your interiors? These gorgeous planters with black and white patterns are the perfect design and size. Use these for 4″ fiddle leaf fig plant, rubber tree plant, or neon pothos for a pop of color!

Round succulent planter

This modern and functional dish planter with delicate-looking gold legs redefines mid-century elegance that makes it the perfect centerpiece for your coffee table. It comes with a hole so you don’t have to worry about root rot due to overwatering!

Diva head planter

I have always wanted a head planter with a string of pearls in it. That’s another story that I could never keep my string of pearls alive. However, if you are looking for a head planter, this diva is the perfect pick!

Tall indoor planter

I love using tall planters to give my plants some height as well as make them look taller to give some vertical dimension to the room. This gorgeous planter is perfect for that! Add a plant that vines or just any houseplant!

Gold circular planters

Have empty space in your room that you don’t know how to fill? These planters are your answer! These dome-shaped planters are so pretty and come with their own stand too. Pothos, English Ivy, or Heart-shaped Philodendrons would look beautiful in these!

Round cage planter

Another one from my gorgeous planters list, this cage planter will look adorable sitting on your bookshelf or an open shelf in the kitchen. With its unique yet lightweight design, it’s definitely going to add a touch of modernity to any space, right?

As you can tell I love plants. I really feel that they can bring a place alive. And, what you put those plants in has a big role to play in how they spruce up your space. There are no right or wrong ways of choosing a planter, but here are a few things that have worked for me:

  1. Always try to get a planter/pot with a drainage hole. If you somehow find yourself with one that doesn’t have a hole, make sure to add some clay pebbles at the bottom before you fill it up with sand to create some space for water to seep into. Also, avoid watering your plant too often and check for soil moisture regularly. Remember an under-watered plant is better than an overwatered plant!
  2. Make sure to check what material your planter is made of. It may be terracotta or plastic but the paint on it may be poisonous to plants. A little research will not hurt anyone.
  3. Small succulents don’t like very big pots unless you are planning to plant a couple of them together. Same for small plants.
  4. After you are done repotting your plant, give it some time to get used to its new home. Some plants may take longer than others.

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gorgeous planters to beautify your home

Hope this post helped you find some gorgeous planters for your plant babies and also gave you some helpful tips on how to go about choosing a pot. Do share in the comments below how you choose your planters and what you prefer.

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