7 handy tips to settle into a new city immediately

How to settle into a new city

Both my husband and I have had a fair share of moves in our lives. And, while the idea of moving to a different city or country is exciting for some, it can be daunting for the others. It’s not easy uprooting yourself from one place, packing up all your belongings and moving to a new place. It takes even more time to feel and call a new place home. However, with the right information and the right attitude, you can settle into a new city and start feeling at home almost immediately.

I recently moved to New Jersey/New York after spending 6 wonderful years in the sunny state of California. While moving to CA from India or moving to NJ from California have been both cultural and emotional experiences, what made it easy was to be prepared for certain changes. From my own experience, I have listed down these tips that might help you settle into a new city in a short span of time.

How to quickly settle into a new city:

Do prior research

Instead of stepping into the unknown completely, it is always a good idea to do prior research. Good thing that the internet makes it possible. Know what the suburbs or areas are considered good residential spots. Understand your commute to work or how you’d get around the city. What areas have good schools around? Whatever your considerations may be, make a list and research places prior to moving.

shortlist places of stayShortlist your preferred place to stay

There is a lot of work to do even after you finally move to a new city. You don’t want to go to a 1000 places to check out homes after moving. Narrow your list down. Almost all apartments give virtual tours so you can decide upon which ones to visit in person. This will not only save a lot of time and hassle but help you settle into a new city quickly.

Tap into your network

Check if you know anyone living in the city you are moving to. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are three networks I tapped into and I was surprised to find so many people I knew IRL as well as virtually living in and around NY. Knowing people can help you with your move since you can get first-hand experience on the areas, places to stay, popular eateries, etc.

Understand local transport

Every city has its own way of getting around. If you are moving to a new city, understand what modes of transports are available and where they can take you. You will need to move around and even if you have a car, you will also need to know how to get around if you don’t take your car.

New York Subway

Join local groups

Once you’ve moved, unpacked and ready to explore, join local groups – your residential group, , Facebook groups, etc. Meeting new people who have the same interests as you can help you settle into a new city way faster than otherwise. Whether it is happy hour with new colleagues, or game night with the neighbors, say yes to opportunities of networking and interacting with new people.

Play tourist

Understanding the history of the city you’ve moved to and visiting the places of importance or touristy places can help you feel at home. Talk to the local people, or your friends to even visit the lesser-known places. For me, knowing about the city’s geography and visiting new places is the best way to settle into a new city.

Stay positive and open

Keep your mind open to new experiences and stay positive. Even if it takes a little more time than you anticipated, it’s ok. Moving to a new city is never easy and everything takes time. Make sure your move goes smoothly and half your job will be done. Find activities, hobbies, etc. to stay occupied as well as new people.

These are the things that helped me settle down in a new city quickly and feel at home almost immediately. I hope these come in handy for you too. I’d love to know how you plan your move and work on settling down. Let me know in your comments below.

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