8 amazing packing hacks you need to know to travel light


packing hacks

Traveling for vacation is fun. Traveling for work is necessary. But no matter what your reason for traveling is, one thing that’s not fun for sure is packing. It is nearly impossible to pack all the daily essentials in one suitcase and take everything with you. It’s tough to decide what to take and what to leave so as to travel light. That’s why we are sharing some packing hacks with you that most frequent travelers swear by.

Packing well and traveling light takes some practice. Firstly, what one needs to understand and accept is the fact that the things you didn’t need in the last 6 months, you probably won’t need on your trip. The second trick is to learn a little about the place you are traveling to so that you can get an idea of what you may need and what you may not need. This way you’d at least only carry things you need and not carrying your whole house with you!

Here are some packing hacks to ensure you travel light –

Read about the place

Learn a bit about the place you are headed to. What’s the weather going to be like, are there any customs or culturally appropriate outfits that you may need, etc. Read about the local cuisine and check what kind of food will be available. In case you have any dietary restrictions or food preferences and need to carry your own food.

packing hacks

Make a checklist

Before actually getting down to business, make a list of all that you are going to need. It may seem unnecessary at the time but a list will help you stay away from over-packing. Write down the number of days you are traveling for and plan your outfits in advance. Keep striking things off as you go packing them.

Pack in advance

Pack at least a day or two prior to your trip if possible. Packing beforehand gives you enough time to pack thoughtfully. It gives you time to think and plan your items and leave behind things that you won’t need AT ALL but you are tempted to carry. Lay out all your items and then pack them one by one to make sure you carry what you absolutely need.

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Organizing is the key

One of the most popular packing hacks is to roll your clothes. However, if you want to stay super organized and save time, are the best. They help optimize space in the suitcase and prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled. Packing cubes are especially great to keep your luggage organized if you are traveling to multiple places.

Heavy first, light later

One of the most obvious but often overlooked packing hacks is to put heavier things at the bottom and lighter items at the top. This makes it easier to roll the bag. Put the shoes at the bottom and then add the heavier clothes. Finish off with lighter clothes and the toiletries.

A light toiletries kit

Toiletries can get heavy and can consume space. Get TSA approved, . These sets will make sure you carry enough of what you need but don’t exceed the maximum limit. These kits are mostly leak-proof also. So, all you need to do is pour your cosmetics and skincare into these bottles and carry the kit!

Only carry the absolute necessary

All hotels provide basic toiletries like shampoos, conditioners, body washes so skip those if you can. Don’t carry your ultra-soft, super heavy bath towel. It takes unnecessary space and increases the weight. Instead invest in a good, that will stay compact and do the needful.

You don’t need all electronics

You don’t need your Kindle, your phone, laptop, iPad, DSLR on your trip. That means you don’t need to carry all your electronics on every trip. If it is an official phone can double up as an ebook reader and a camera. More the devices, more their accessories and that mean more weight. So cut down on the number of electronics you take.

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Hope these tips help you pack well and travel lighter the next time you go on a trip. Don’t forget to PIN THIS POST to save these tips!

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  1. Always used to think I was a great packer, then two years ago we went to Florida in November and did not pack for the weather at all!! Could have used this then! Great tips.

  2. These are great travel hacks, I will definitely be trying these on my next trip, thanks for sharing!

    ~xo Sheree

  3. Love these! I always make a packing list, every single time and a different list for each member of our family. My husband makes fun of me but hey, we’ve never forgotten anything on a trip!


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