How to stay positive in difficult times

Stay positive in difficult times

Trying to stay positive but failing? We understand that staying positive can be especially tough when the whole world is facing a major crisis. Everyone is only talking about one thing and the whole world is trying to desperately find a solution to this problem. With so much going on, it’s tough not to feel anxious and uncertain about where the world is headed. It becomes nearly impossible to stay positive in difficult times like these.

It might be hard but it’s a well-known fact that staying positive has a positive impact on your health. Some benefits are better resistance to diseases, stronger mental balance, lower chances of cardiovascular diseases, etc. However, the first step to being positive is acknowledging the problem. Staying positive during tough times needs some effort and below we highlight the ways in which you can have a positive outlook to life even when faced with difficulties.

How to stay positive in difficult times –

Focus on the good

Keep your mind on the good things in life is one way to block negative thoughts. Stop and enjoy the small things. Is there something that instills happiness in you – your favorite book, a fun movie, a family member you like to talk to? Make a conscious effort to take time for these things, especially when you notice negative thoughts entering your mind.

Engage in activities

It’s important to keep yourself occupied. An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Pick activities that allow you to relax and also stay occupied. Picking up a hobby or nurturing a talent not only helps you focus on something other than the negative but also helps you hone a skill that may come handy later.

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Surround yourself with positivity

Staying positive starts with being around positive people. There is enough negativity going around in the world, you don’t need it in every communication you have with someone. Talk to people who have a positive outlook on life. Limit engagement with people who are negative and cut off from those who are toxic.

Have a workout routine

Working out helps you stay active but also helps you get in a better mindset. Walking outside or doing a little bit of yoga in your patio to get some fresh air, but do pack in a workout even if you are short on time.

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Just like working out/going to the gym is an exercise of the body, meditation is an exercise for the mind and soul. Meditation is the act of focusing on the calm, the good and the positive. Scientifically speaking meditation increases the level of endorphins and other chemicals that stabilize mood, sharpen the memory and increase the sense of wellbeing in a person. There are a lot of free online resources to get the process of meditation right.

Train yourself to stay positive

It may be hard but train yourself to focus on being positive. It may take time and effort but it’s worth a try. Maintain a gratitude journal and read through it when you feel low. Focus on helping someone. Listen to music that instills positive affirmations in you. When your mind wanders towards negative thoughts, pick up activity to divert your mind to something else instead of continuing with the negative thoughts.

Don’t try to convince yourself that everything is fine. Living in denial is not the solution. Think of finding solutions or if solving the problem is not in your hands, focus on smaller tasks to help you stay positive in difficult times.

Staying positive is tough, especially when the whole world is gripped in a crisis and all the news channels, social media, and telephone conversations revolve around this uncertainty.  However, the only solution is to not let the negativity get to you and affect your mental health. Understand that we all are in this together and together we’ll find a solution.

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How to stay positive in difficult times

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