6 Work from home habits I am definitely taking back to office

work from home habits

At the beginning of the pandemic, I took a bit of a time to adjust to working from home. But looking back over the last year and a half, I can say that I have developed some work from home habits that have helped me stay sane and productive! It took some time to adapt to as the lines between professional and personal lives got blurred and everything moved from real to the virtual world – human interactions, chats, happy hours and townhalls, etc. And now, it’s time to go back to the office and we are again getting the jitters!

As everyone including me prepares to go back to work in office, there are a few work from home habits that I’d love to continue with! Whether it was taking a small break to stretch after 2 hours of meetings or going for a walk or grabbing a healthy snack, or just taking it slow and not stressing over work like it’s the end of the world, working from home has helped me press the reset button on how I worked for the first decade of my professional life.

Work from home habits to take to office with you –

Plan your day

One thing working from home has taught me is the power of planning ahead. And, I don’t just mean taking a look at the calendar to see what meetings and deadlines you have. I mean putting everything on your to-do list so you can keep track of all the hundred things you pack into your everyday. Need to do laundry, put it on your list. Get groceries? List it down. Call a friend, list it down! It might seem silly but planning my day by creating a to-do list has helped me manage my time so much better and I am actually able to get so much done, it’s amazing!

Take breaks

I have this cute collectible on my work desk to remind me to take it slow and not stress. Another thing that’s helped me is taking small breaks! Just getting up to stretch my muscles or take a small walk has helped me feel physically better rather than sitting in one place all day! I make sure to take a few seconds to close my eyes and breathe to realign my thoughts before I dive into more work! It seems so doable at home so this is one of those work from home habits that I am definitely taking to office.

take a break

Don’t give up on new habits

You know how we all picked up hobbies and habits that we usually didn’t find time for? Like gardening or painting or dancing. Whatever it is for you, don’t give it up now just because it’s time to go back into the office! Try and keep time for things that bring you joy whether it’s a weekly date night or a dance class or just hitting the gym three days a week! It’s a good habit to be able to switch off from work and take time out for doing something you love doing!

Drink water

One of the most important work from home habits I am taking to office, it may seem like a no-brainer but it ain’t. Hand on heart tell me how many times have you realized you didn’t drink water the whole day at work? Too many times to count, right? I have made it a habit to keep a water bottle and glass on my desk at all times and take a sip of water every time I look up from my laptop. When I first starting doing this, I could see a difference in how alert I was. I also noticed I was more energetic! Plus all the difference drinking enough water brings to your skin and hair, right?

drink water

Talk to family and friends

One thing the pandemic has taught us, it is how precious family and friends are! Over the last one and a half years, I have gotten into a habit of talking to my family over the phone pretty regularly and if there is one work from home habit I don’t want to leave, it is this. It’s so important to build and nurture these personal connections for the sanity of our minds and souls! Try and make time for weekly video calls with family.

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Get outdoors

I mean going to office means you are going out but by outdoors I mean go for a walk outside. Breathe in the fresh air. Move your muscles! You’d be surprised how good it feels to just walk it out sometimes. I know it works for me because sometimes the best ideas come to me when I am taking a walk outside. On days, you don’t have time to walk or run, just sit on your patio or backyard and enjoy a cup of coffee away from the cold screen!

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work from home habits

So, those are the 6 work from home habits I am holding close and taking back to the office with me? Do you have any habits that you got into while staying at home and working that you’d love to continue with? Let us know in the comments below!

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